Giant Hares invade Cirencester

Chester had rhinos, Bristol had Grommit the dog and now Cirencester has Hares! The hare has a special place in the history of Cirencester. In 1971, a mosaic bearing a hare was found close to the River Churn and is now the symbol of the Corinium Museum where the mosaic is now housed.

This summer, 50 decorated 5 foot hares have been placed around Cirencester and the surrounding area. They are accompanied by 24 small decorated hares which are placed in shops and cafés.

A number of celebrities have decorated hares – they include Adam Henson, Chris Beardshaw, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Amy Williams.

All the family can have fun seeing how many hares they can find….for an insider’s map check out

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