Beavers on Lower Mill Estate

In 2005 six European beavers were released to Flagham Fen on the Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds. Since their arrival they have thrived, building beaver lodges, felling trees, digging a network of mini canals for easy transportation of logs and generally being as busy as, well, beavers!

It is a real treat to see the beavers – they are nocturnal so just before dawn or just after dusk are the most likely times of day to see them. As they glide through the water you spot the characteristic 'v' wave coming from the front of their head. Sometimes they turn and face you, staring into your eyes before arching their backs and diving silently under the water, where they can remain for up to 15 minutes at a time. It is a magical sight.

The linked video is a compilation of some of our sightings.

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