Birdwatching in Cotswold Water Park

With over 150 lakes, and its central location, Cotswold Water Park supports a wide range of bird species and holds nationally important numbers of 8 different species of waterbirds. The summer brings breeding waders, including the Little Ringed Plover, Oystercatcher and Lapwing, as well as large numbers of breeding ducks including Tufted Duck and Gadwall. The Hobby, Little Owl and Barn Owl also breed within the 40 square mile park.

A lovely way of introducing the family to birdwatching is by exploring the bird life on the lakes by canoe. Little Egrets stand in the shallows and then take off, flying low over the water. This photo was taken of a Little Egret flying over Somerford Lagoon (the lake Daisy Chain looks out onto).

Recent bird sightings within the park can be found at

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