Meet the Owners

In 2010 we went on holiday to the Lower Mill Estate for a birthday celebration with our extended family.  We had never heard of the Cotswolds Water Park before, but as soon as we arrived at Lower Mill Estate for our Cotswold family holiday we loved it.  Our children could run around, cycle, swim, canoe, hunt for beavers and enjoy spending precious family time together. There are playgrounds and trampolines, tennis courts and swimming pools, but there is also plenty of space for enjoying the simple pleasures of life – jumping in puddles and climbing trees, collecting conkers and gathering blackberries (make sure you leave some for us!).

We just love walking into Daisy Chain and seeing the amazing views across the lake.  The sunrises are stunning. In the evening we sit on the balcony and watch the moon reflected in the lake.  It’s a rare pleasure to be able to see the stars so much more clearly than from towns and cities.  We hope you love your Cotswold family holiday as much as we do!