Spring Migration through Cotswold Water Park

The central location of the Cotswold Water Park and its vast area of wetland habitats makes it an important stop-over location for migrating birds in the Spring. This year 121 species have already been seen in the Water Park. In the last week an osprey has been seen as well as the first swallows and an avocet. Other species seen recently on the Lower Mill Estate include red crested pochard, goldeneye, widgeon, gadwall, teal, cettis warblers, blackcap, meadow pipits, reed buntings and kingfisher.

A great resource is http://buff.ly/1yZ9V89 where an ongoing record of species sighted in the water park is kept. Maps can also be downloaded showing different areas of the water park to explore.

Grab your binoculars or your telescope and enjoy the spring migration. While you’re watching for birds don’t forget to keep an eye out for otters and beavers too!

Spring Migration Lower Mill Estate



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