Pasqueflowers in the Cotswolds

Another hidden gem waiting to be discovered in the Cotswolds is the Pasqueflower This rare wildflower has been lost from many of the places where it used to grow, but on the Barnsley Warren Nature Reserve, just north of Cirencester it is thriving, with a population of approximately 20,000 plants.

Geoffrey Grigson, writing of the pasqueflower in 'The Englishman's Flora' wrote that it has, "…a fair claim to being the most dramatically and exotically beautiful of all English plants."

The pasqueflower site is well hidden – for detailed instructions on how to find it visit the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust site

The Barnsley Warren Nature Reserve is also home to cowslips, early purple orchids and violets and has a good butterfly population. Rabbit and brown hare help to maintain the short grassland and common lizards can often be found on areas of bare scree.

This photo (credit Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust via facebook) was taken at the weekend – it looks like being a good year for the Pasqueflower, so if you would like to see it plan to go soon…and remember to tread carefully!

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