Where does the River Thames start?

The most common topic of converstation at The Thames Head Inn near Kemble is not politics, or even sport, but rather the source of the River Thames. The pub takes its name from the place, about half a mile away, where the river begins its 154 mile long journey to London Bridge. The source of the Thames is not quite as simple as that – as the river is ground water fed, the precise source depends on the ground water level, and as such can vary by a few miles between summer and winter.

The Thames Head Inn serves a varied menu of fresh home cooked food and visitors can enjoy a drink or meal enjoying relaxed atmosphere of the pub, complete with its various nooks and crannies and open fires or outside in the garden.

For more details http://bit.ly/thameshead

For more detailed information about the Thames path visit http://bit.ly/thamespth


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