What does the biggest yew hedge in the country have to do with saving lives?

The huge 300 year old yew hedge at the Bathurst Estate in Cirencester is the tallest in the country – in fact its vital statistics are mind boggling! It's 33ft wide, 150ft long and 40ft tall. Imagine being responsible for trimming that! Every August a team of gardeners undertake the enormous task. Walking past the enormous hedge we have often wondered how it was done – the answer lies in a cherry picker and chainsaws! A step stool just won't do for this giant! It takes 10 days to complete the job….and then comes the life saving part.

The vast bags of clippings don't end up in a giant compost bin – instead they are taken away and the vital ingredient is extracted from the yew and used as a key ingredient of doxetaxel, a chemotherapy drug used to treat various forms of cancer.

Cirencester Park is part of the Bathurst Estate and is open to the public. For more details visit http://bit.ly/cirenpark

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