We love hearing how much our guests enjoyed their stay at Daisy Chain. Here is our latest review:

We had a beautiful, relaxing and happy little break at Daisy Chain. Thank you so much. I'm so used to feeling tense on holidays with the kids so I didn't really go with any expectations but when we got there it was just so perfect, everyone was in such a good mood! It was so refreshing to stay in an area and your home that clearly is designed for families with young ones, but also grown up and tasteful for us once they are asleep!! I think it was the first time we didn't come home and say "we need another holiday to get over that one!" Wish we had stayed longer but will do next year and would recommend Daisy Chain to all our friends and family.

Do you want to experience the magic of Daisy Chain? The property is available from 15th – 22nd August. Contact me to book!



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