Watercolour paintings of the Cotswolds

I have just come across the wonderful work of artist Liam O'Farrell. He says of himself that he is an artist who paints because he has to. He goes to bed with a painting in his head and wakes with it the next morning. He likes to look at the details others might miss and celebrate them. A lot of his work is architectural, but in a painting of a building or a street scene he will always add a population to occupy it and to perform in its space. A while ago he spent some time in the Cotswolds. He says something about the Cotswolds that is true for so many: prior to his trip he had only really passed through this stunning part of the UK on his way to somewhere else. I'm certainly pleased that he stopped and had a chance to discover some of the wonderful towns and villages that make it the place it is.

The picture I am sharing today is the picturesque village of Snowshill (which as I write may well be living up to its name!) It is a beautiful place to visit at all times of year, with wonderful views of the Cotswold Landscape and stunning lavender fields in the summer.

Do pop across to Liam's website to see more of his work http://www.liamofarrell.com/

Paintings enjoyed by Naomi at http://www.cotswoldfamilyholidays.com/

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