Don't forget to check for hedgehogs if you're having a bonfire tonight!

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It's a time of peril for the humble hedgehog, the time of year when bonfires & fireworks light up darker evenings… Please beware, and spare a thought for hedgehogs though. Remember to check under bonfires, ideally building them just before you light them so that hedgehogs won't have time to take shelter in this death trap! Here's some other things you can do for hedgehogs this winter ->

Help a hedgehog this winter | Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
Posted: Thursday 28th November 2013 by Community. A hedgehog looking into the camera (c) Gillian Day Hedgehog (c) Gillian Day. Prepare a bowl of water and keep an eye out because winter is here and hedgehogs need our help. In anticipation of their winter visit to our gardens we have created a …

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