The Zoo that opens once a year

'Our Zoo', the BBC drama about the origins of Chester Zoo has quickly become a favourite for many. The scene showing the hardened hearts of the villagers melting as they watched the penguins waddling down the street was an great piece of filming. It was made possible by 'Amazing Animals', a company that specialises in the professional training of animals for the media industry. They are located in the Cotswolds, and once a year they throw open their doors to the public.

Charlie and Ferrari are the main penguins who star in the series. They are part of a group of 10 penguins kept at Heythrop Zoological Gardens where Amazing Animals are based. Sydney the camel (played by Darhan) and Mortimer the monkey (played by 2 nearly identical monkeys Mitch and Malcolm!) also reside at Heythtop. So, pop a note in your diary for next summer and look out for the open day to be announced. (It is usually held in late summer).

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