Tetbury Woolsack Race

Tetbury Woolsack Race

Perhaps one of the strangest sports to take place in England is the Woolsack Race, with it’s origins dating back to the 17th Century. Competitors are tasked with running up a ridiculously steep hill (1 in 4) carrying a large sack of wool on their back. This spectacle takes place next Monday, 30th May.

In the middle ages Tetbury thrived as a wool town and by the 16th Century it was home to one of the country’s best known wool and yarn markets. The races are thought to have originated in the 17th Century when young drovers chose to show off their strength by running up the hill with a woolsack.

The course is 240 yards with the woolsacks weighing in at 60lbs for men and 35lbs for ladies. A variety of races take place for teams and individuals.

The whole of Tetbury joins in with the event with a street fair, entertainers, local stalls and amusement rides.

For more information http://www.tetburywoolsack.co.uk/

To watch video footage of the event https://www.cotswoldtv.com/tetbury-woolsack-races/