Lower Moor Farm Nature Reserve, Wiltshire

Lower Moor Farm Nature Reserve, Wiltshire

Just a mile down the road from the Lower Mill Estate is Lower Moor Farm Nature Reserve. It forms the gateway to three more reserves: Clattinger Farm, Oaksey Moor Farm Meadow and Sandpool Farm.

Lower Moor Farm is made up of three lakes, two brooks, ponds and wetland scrapes which are joined by ancient hedges, woodland and meadows. Mallard Lake is a site of special scientific interest as a marl lake which is rich in stoneworts.

There are two bird hides which give fantastic view of the birdlife…and the otters too!

At the visitors centre you can pick up a Children’s discovery trail to keep children engaged as you walk around. There is also a replica Iron Age hut which children enjoy exploring.

For further information about Clattinger Farm, and to download maps prior to your visit http://www.wiltshirewildlife.org/Reserves/lowermoorfarm

Lower Moor Farm Nature Reserve near Lower Mill Estate