Long tailed tit

Long tailed tit

Today is Day two in my #naturephotochallenge for which +Matthew Lambley kindly nominated me. Yesterday was a beautifully crisp blue day and when we went out for a walk in the afternoon there was a flock of long tailed tits enjoying the berries on this tree. They were quite tricky to photograph as although the tree has lost its leaves it is still thick with branches which kept getting in the way! Anyway, this was my best photo! This particular bird was busy preening a lot of the time.

I'd like to nominate my good google+ friend +Pescadero, CA Vacation Cottage but only if she'd like too and if she has time (she might be too busy fighting off the heron from her fish pond!)

Thank you to +Lecrín Valley Villa Rental Granada Spain. for taking up yesterday's challenge. Do pop across and have a look at her #naturephotographychallenge posts

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