A Birthday Weekend At Daisy Chain

Birthday Cake

We have just returned from Daisy Chain where we spent a weekend with family celebrating a big birthday. Daisy Chain is the perfect venue to gather all the family to celebrate and fun together.

Daisy Chain is equipped with a Canadian Canoe, but as there were going to be lots of us staying we rang ahead to the Family Adventure Store and arranged to rent a Paddle Board for the weekend.  Jenny very kindly delivered it to Daisy Chain so that when we arrived it was all ready for us.

Some of the family arrived by car, but others arrived by train.  Kemble Station, on the direct line from London Paddington Station,  is only a 10 minute drive away so very convenient to get to.  The birthday boy was dispatched to the station to give us time to decorate the house.  We have bunting and a birthday banner at Daisy Chain so we quickly hung these up and blew up some balloons.

Birthday Banner

Soon we were all gathered, the children were tucked into bed and there was just enough time to walk round to the boat park to collect the Canadian Canoe.  The boat park is only a 10 minute walk around the lake and we had a wonderful paddle back across the lake watching the sun set. It really was golden hour.

Sunset Lower Mill Estate

Saturday started early.  When we are staying at Daisy Chain, if we wake early we can never resist drawing the curtains and watching the sun rise.  It’s such a luxury to be able to lie in bed watching the sun climb over the horizon.  Opening the patio doors, we enjoyed the full sound of the dawn chorus with a Cuckoo and Woodpecker also joining in.

Sunrise Lower Mill Estate

The morning was beautifully blue and still, so as soon as the children appeared we donned buoyancy aids and headed out onto the lake in the canoe and on the paddle board.  It’s always magical on the lake in the early morning – so calm and peaceful.

Paddle board Lower Mill Estate

Having returned to Daisy Chain for breakfast the rest of the morning was spent messing about on the water.  Days at Daisy Chain pass quickly with one activity flowing into the next.  We painted ducks for the Duck Race down the River Thames, went swimming in the indoor, outdoor and eco pools (ok….we didn’t all make it into the eco pool!), played tennis and enjoyed walks around the Lower Mill Estate.

Birthday Tea

Birthday Cake, Cream Tea and Champagne disappeared quickly and we were soon off out again, in search of one of the geocaches that can be found locally.  After such a busy day sleep came quickly to the children at bedtime.

Champagne Cream Tea

The rest of the weekend followed a similar pattern.  I managed to fit in a visit to Clattinger Farm, a wonderful wild flower meadow just 2 minutes drive from the Lower Mill Estate.  It is home to Snakeshead Fritillaries and Orchids by their hundred.  A real treat.

Clattinger Farm Wild Flower Meadow

The children loved completing the Miss Mouse Trail which follows a route around the Lower Mill Estate.  It is interspersed with treasure chests where there are pirate coins to collect and sweet treats to enjoy.  The trail also now includes a bike trail which is a fun stopping off point.

Bike Track Lower Mill Estate

We had fun taking part in the Lower Mill Estate Bank Holiday Duck Race later in the day. I was all ready to take photos of the proceedings, but hadn’t quite anticipated that I would end up whipping off my shoes and socks, jumping into the water and rescuing some of the Ducks who had escaped the barrier at the finishing line!

Lower Mill Estate Duck Race

Staying at Daisy Chain makes for a really easy weekend with family.  There is no need to leave the estate, with so many activities right on your doorstep.  It’s a wonderful location for a family birthday celebration and is often booked for big birthdays – 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and even 80th.

Birthday Cake

Our birthday boy certainly enjoyed his weekend of fun and family!