Rare Roman Cockerel on display

New Roman finds have just gone on display at Cirencester’s Corinium Museum. In 2011 an enamelled cockerel was found during excavations of the western cemetery of Corinium (Roman Cirencester). The cockerel is one of only 9 known cockerel figurines from the Roman world, and is the only one with its tail intact. The cockerel is 12.5cm tall and the breast, wings, eyes and comb are inlaid with enamel, which is now blue and green.

Visitors will also be able to see a selection of beads and bracelets, which would have been high status objects and give a real insight into the people who lived in Corinium. The Tetbury Coin Hoard is also on display – it contains 1437 silver and copper-alloy 3rd Century Roman coins. The remarkably intact pottery vessel which contained them is also on display.

More information and photo credit: http://coriniummuseum.org

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