Miss Mouse Adventure Trail, Lower Mill Estate

A great way of exploring the Lower Mill Estate with your family is by doing the Miss Mouse Adventure Trail. The trail takes you on a route past 5 of the lakes on the estate, and along the way there are picnic areas, and treasure chests for children to find. In each treasure chest (5 in all) gold coins are hidden which can be unlocked with a special code. When all 5 coins have been collected children can then pop into the General Store where they will be rewarded with a sixth coin (pictured). The Miss Mouse Adventure Trail gives a lovely way of keeping children excited about having a walk while the older members of the family can enjoy exploring the estate. The trail starts at the Miss Mouse Meeting Hut which is near the entrance to the estate. Here you can collect a map and codes for the treasure chests before beginning your trail.

Trail enjoyed by Naomi and the rest of the family at cotswoldfamilyholidays.com

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