Meet the Neighbours – Belted Galloway Cattle

The fields around the Lower Mill Estate, including those of Lower Moor Farm, the next farm across, are grazed by Belted Galloways. They are instantly recognisable with their white-belted middles and shaggy coat. This hardy breed of cattle originates from the exposed highlnads of Galloway in south west Scotland. It has a double coat of long hair – the outer coat keeps the rain out and the undercoat is for warmth. The Belted Galloways are generally lighter on their feet than commercial breeds of cattle which reduces the likelihood of wet ground being trampled into mud. This is really important as they graze the wildflower-rich hay meadows of Lower Moor Farm which are often flooded in winter.

It wasn't until we took these pictures that we realised how many of them have only 3 legs!

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