Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds and a real gem of a tea shop

The name Lower Slaughter derives from the Old English name for a wet land or 'slough' or 'slothre' which in Old English meant muddy place. It is a very strange name for a place which in 2011 was voted to have the most romantic street in England. Another of its claims to fame is that it is one of only 14 villages in the UK that had no deaths at all from World War I or World War II. One of the most recognisable buildings in the village is the Old Mill which dates back to the 19th Century. It was last used as a watermill in 1958. Today it is home to a gift shop, museum and a tea shop which overlooks the river. It is the favourite Cotswolds tea shop of Liam O'Farrell, who painted this beautiful watercolour of the mill. Why not treat yourself to a cream tea and sit out on the terrace watching the River Eye flow by. The Old Mill also make their own organic ice cream which the describe as 'Simply the best' Let us know if you agree!

For more information about The Old Mill at Lower Slaughter and to check opening times http://oldmill-lowerslaughter.com/

See more of the wonderful paintings by Liam O'Farrell at http://www.liamofarrell.com/

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