Great Crested Grebes


One of the most easily recognisable birds on Somerford Lagoon, the lake directly in front of Daisy Chain on the Lower Mill Estate, is the Great Crested Grebe.  At this time of year it is fun to watch their elaborate courtship as the rise out of the water, shaking their heads at one another.  The Great Crested Grebe has to be one of the most elegant waterbirds with it’s slender neck and ornate head plumes.  These plumes nearly led to its extermination from the UK as birds were hunted for their feathers.  Fortunately the situation in the UK is now very different with 5300 breeding adults in the UK.


Guests at our luxury lakeside self catering property can sit on the balcony and watch this elegant bird diving – as the water is usually very clear it is even possible to watch them swimming under water as they dive for food.  It’s also fun to count and see how long they stay underwater…and see if you can guess where they are going to reappear!

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