Cerney Cheese

Lady Angus developed a love of French cheeses while she was holidaying and living in France. When she returned to England she set out on her journey to produce goats cheese (using the knowledge she had gained from a French farmer’s wife). After much experimentation, aided by two trusty goats, Cerney Cheese was born. The herd soon grew and production moved from the butlers’ pantry at Cerney House to Chapel Farm in North Cerney. The production remains true to the original hand made recipe and process. Every process is carried out by hand, from ladling and pressing the curd into moulds, to gently patting oak ash on the pyramid, or tying rafia around the vine.

Cerney pyramid is a pyramid shaped cheese dusted with oak ash and salt. The cheese has a mild, citrus taste, with a delicate goaty finish, thanks to the unpasturised milk. In fact the cheese is very similar to fromage frais. Cerney Cheese products can be round in a number of Waitrose stores across the Cotswolds.

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Cerney Cheese


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