Bee Orchids on the Lower Mill Estate, Cotswold Water Park

One of the orchids that can be found on the Lower Mill Estate is the bee orchid. This small orchid is amazing in the way that it imitates a bee visiting it’s flower. The deception is made complete by the ‘bee’ part being hairy and the flower emitting the scent of a female bee. The mimicry is aimed at attracting passing male bees in the hope that they will visit the flower and so aid pollination. Interestingly, in Britain, this feature is unnecessary as the bee orchid is self pollinating. The Bee Orchid was once called the Humble Bee Orchid (Humble being a variation of Bumble) . I rather like that name!

At the moment bee orchids, spotted orchids and pyramid orchids can all be found by the ArtSpa – just a 3 minute walk from Daisy Chain.

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